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Hydro Dynamics Plumbing realizes Even if 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered pretty much by water, did you know less than 1% is suitable for potable drinking water. Many states are encouraging water conservation practise through public service announcements and other opportunities to increase consumer awareness, every one of us need to make a eco-friendly decisions when it comes to conserving water and energy by incorporating earth-friendly plumbing practices.

Hydro Dynamics Plumbing is committed to conserving our water supply and promoting water efficiency by offering green plumbing options such as the installation of flow-optimized shower heads, low-flow aerators for faucets, high-efficiency toilets “1.28 gallon”, high efficiency water heaters, sump pumps / battery backup systems and more!

When evaluating a sump pump, there’s two main factors everyone should consider:

Hydro Dynamics Plumbing Sewer & Drainage, Inc is a proud service provider of Liberty Pumps. Liberty Pumps offers a wide range of Energy Efficiency Sump Pumps.

Energy Efficiency and Pumping Power . . . . Why?     


Liberty 257  1/3   115    1 5.2   1 1/2″ 50    
Zoeller M53  1/3   115    1 9.7   1 1/2″ 40     
Hydromatic W-A1   1/3   115    1 1 1/2″ 38
PHCCS3033 1/3   115    1 4.0   1 1/2″   50   

**Based on an average pump sump pump run time of about 5 minutes per hour for one year. The 257 uses 5.2 Amps @ 10’. The estimated industry average is 9.5 amps. Average electric cost per kilowatt-hour is about $0.17.

Flow-Optimized Shower Heads

Hydro Dynamics Plumbing Multi-function shower “American made”heads offers optimal performance at 1.75 gal per minute to save 30% on water usage compared to those with a flow rate of 2.5 gpm.
Water savings: 2-2.5 gallons per day
Your average utility bill savings: $20-30

Faucets with Low-Flow Aerators

Faucets 2.2 GPM with low-flow aerators save about 30% less water per fixture by reducing the rate of flow from your faucets without reducing their efficiency.
Water savings: 2 gallons per day
Your average utility bill savings: $20-30

High Efficiency and Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush gives users a choice between 0.8 gallons for liquid and light waste and 1.28 gallons for solid waste. Saves 30-70% of water per flush.
Water savings: 28,000 gallons per year
Your average annual utility bill savings: $100-$190

A O Smith Vertex Water Heaters

A O Smith Vertex water heaters are designed to provide hot water “on-demand” when needed. These very high efficiency units have Continuous hot water, shower after shower! The more hot water you need, the more your going to the Vertex water heater. A. O. Smith has created a state-of-the-art water heater that provides a long-lasting supply of hot water for when everyone in your home needs it most. Vertex offers 96% thermal efficiency with performance that rivals much larger water heaters. The Vertex water heater delivers “continuous hot water” – shower after shower, hour after hour. The dimensions and installation requirements are pretty much comparable if not the same to standard power direct-vent water heater units.

  • Unprecedented levels of performance – 96% thermal efficiency
  • Continuous hot water – shower after shower, hour after hour
  • Advanced internal heat exchanger with 100,000 BTU input
  • Rebates
  • Rebate and incentive programs provide cash-back to consumers for the purchase of appliances that meet certain energy efficiency standards. Often, these standards are tied to the ENERGY STAR® program.
  • Cash for Appliances is designed to encourage the purchase of energy efficient appliances. Consumers who purchase ENERGY STAR® or CEE qualified appliances can receive cash rebates. Most states are offering rebates in the $50 to $250 range. This performance cuts water heating costs up to 50% as water heating is the second-largest energy expenditure in most households.
    Average annual utility bill savings: $50-$150

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