PHCC Pro Series 2400  Battery Backup Sump Pump System


$125.00 off original price ON OUR STATE OF THE ART BATTERY BACKUP UNIT



Battery Back up Sump Pump

~Automatically switches to battery power when AC power fails
~Recharges automatically when battery is low
~Monitors system conditions and alarms when:
~if Battery needs water or if it needs to be replaced
~Power cord is disconnected, Battery cable is loose or corroded
~if fuse is blown or circuit breaker is tripped
~If Pump is broken
~If Backup pump has been activated
~ The Alarm can be silenced during a power outage
~Displays monitor percentage of power remaining in the battery
~Can Run pump weekly to test for proper operation
~Can run directly on AC power
~Has terminals for connection to a security system or auto dialer
~Can add up to two (2) B2200 batteries for 16 hours of continuous pumping

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